Prime Kitchen takes pride in providing the experience of Best Modular Kitchen in Velachery,Chennai with a Clutter-free and ultra-modern kitchen created specially to make cooking a breeze. Modular kitchens have various advantages over traditional kitchens. They are more convenient, stylish, and create an ambiance for modern homes. We have our own manufacturing facility with ample space and state of world machinery which is bound to give a wide range of modular kitchen designs for your home. Our range of modular kitchen consists of materials like PU, Acrylic, Veneer, and Laminate with the combination of modern technology to give you the smart option. The raw materials used are of high grade and are from branded suppliers. So, if you are looking for the best modular kitchens in Velachery,Chennai, we are at the top in delivering quality products at the most affordable rates.


Modular Kitchens in Velachery,Chennai

The major quality of the modular kitchen, designed by our engineers is to cater the easy assembling with minimal work and to be remodelled hassle free for future purpose. Our teams of dedicated staff will visit your site and take the required measurements and discuss the many possible ways of implementing the finest and best modular kitchen in Velachery,Chennai. We are leading interior designers with international standards and have been highly appreciated by our clients for excellent workmanship in creating a modular kitchen.

Reaching the end of most interesting decade, it is only practical to accept the emerging trends that is set on the likes of the millennial mass. The latest trend of Modular Kitchens in velachery,Chennai mainly focusses on the Smart Kitchens, Island Kitchens, Cabinet Colours and Appliances. The major development in the Latest Modular Kitchen trend is mainly revolved around the idea of Smart Kitchen as every household is surprising accepting and evolving to the modern-day trends.

The term L shaped modular kitchen is inspired by the similar look of the alphabet L. Designing the kitchen in this style imparts an elegant look for the entire space. This kitchen type is used when there are 2 cooks simultaneously working together. The design is also applied in a manner that even the adjoints of the corners can be put to use. Since there is a wide amount of space left out, it can be used in the future to incorporate a centre island.
Much similar to the previous concept, the U shaped modular kitchen has been named for its resemblance towards the alphabet U. Following the Indian customaries of building, this is the most suggested kitchen design since the kitchen is being fully utilized and at the capacity of just one cook. This kitchen type provides the user with more storage options at their convenient spots. We highly recommend our clients to choose this design if they have a lot of utensils and appliances.
Prime Kitchen is always about transparency. When it comes to Modular Kitchen price in velachery,Chennai, it can be up high to down steep depending upon the material, layout, accessories, appliances and the finish format selected. It all can be very confusing and a little cloudy due to the unawareness of this sector. Many companies take this advantage and use this to leverage the price. Having the factory at our disposal, we have the most competitive Modular Kitchen price in Chennai. During our first meeting with the client, we always explain everything until the point, they get a crystal-clear idea about each segment. We will make sure that the client is completely aware for what they are being charged. If requested, we can arrange a site visit to our factory where we can show the entire facility and step by step process as dictated during the time of meeting as promised.
It can be very difficult to plan a home interior immediately after spending a huge chunk of cost for your new home. The major worrier would be the surprise element of the cost. It is always important to know the cost upfront so as to plan ahead. It is also very important that you don’t get ripped off by any interiors. Having more than 2 decades of industrial practice, we have come up with a simple formulation to detect the Modular kitchen cost in Velachery,Chennai. We have a cost calculator which when you enter the details by selecting our exclusive design, layout, material, accessories and appliances, will generate an individual and an overall estimate stating both cost ranges. If satisfied, once you select your favourite design, you can leave it to the workmanship and the expertise of Prime Kitchen. We will design your kitchen just like how you had imagined it to be, maybe something better than that! Let that element of surprise speak for itself. Prime Kitchen is one of the very few brands for implementing an easy method to calculate modular kitchen cost in Velachery,Chennai.

Prime Kitchen brings in some of the unique Modular kitchen designs to the town. With us, you also get to experience a feel of what your kitchen would look like in its modular Avatar. We also offer you free customized designs for your kitchen that you can choose from our extensive range of designs. Modular kitchen saves up your space, gets easily assembled and are highly durable. We help you set up and install modular kitchen. The main advantage of having a modular kitchen is that, it is flexible to move the kitchen from one place to another.


We provide complete customization to the shape of your kitchen. You can choose your own colour combinations. You can easily clean and even fix any part of the modular kitchen. Modular kitchen designs add value to your homes in terms of style and functionality. Our Client favourite are L shaped Modular Kitchen and U shaped modular Kitchen. We have a wide range of portfolio available at our website, that are arranged in way that helps our Clients to shape it up in their own language with their inspiration recommend the best and suitable design for your home.

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